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To Find a God
KINDLE To Find a God.jpg
Mary Hamilton

To Find a God is the second of a trilogy—Once Upon a Moonbeam.

They were lost in unfamiliar lands surrounded by strange beings. And then came the voices in their heads—voices of gods

Things were bad enough when three young Azyreans found themselves stranded in lands far from their home in Pangrove. But even worse, they learn that their unlikely travels are not mistakes or random events. They were chosen, summoned by gods that rule over these lands. Each of these unlikely half-sized beings from Pangrove is set upon a journey to unite the beings of each realm, overcoming centuries of conflict and distrust. 

But all of these journeys lead to the same conclusion. They must, as a united force, confront and defeat an evil god who is bent on domination of all life. But even among the races, all is not as it seems. False illusions and traitors make the path to confrontation deadlier. What is real? Who can be trusted? The answers to these questions haunt Marzi, Tovi, and Jarek as they struggle to make sense of what these gods are telling them.

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