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Lilies of the Underground

This will be a three-book series. The first, Lilies in the Dark, was published in April 2023. The next novel in the series will be Seeds of Light, due out in December 2023. The final book is tentatively titled Garden of Lilies, and is scheduled for publication in summer 2024.


This trilogy tells the story of an underground network set up by Reverend Janet Polasky, a Methodist minister, to help battered women and their children escape abusive partners. The ensemble of characters who fight at her side include a passionate police detective, a quirky billionaire tech firm owner, a woman who spent years in prison for murdering her abusive husband, and a host of other interesting figures. 

Aligned against her are powerful individuals and groups who have a vested interest in seeing Janet's project fail. As the allies move deeper into the project, they are faced with the possibility that they will, at some point, need to operate outside legal boundaries. How far, though, are they willing to go? How much is the life of a woman and her children worth? 

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