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Steeno Six
Steeno Cover Crop.jpg
Steven Hamilton

Maggie Renfro is one of the few Americans at the dawn of the 22nd century who is fortunate enough to work for a living. Most people survive on stipends paid by a federal government that is wholly owned by a complex network of corporations. She lives what seems a charmed life as a public affairs director for a United States Senator. Her life is turned upside down when her best friend is murdered. Was it a random act by a serial killer or was there a more sinister reason? In this dystopian world of convoluted relationships, power, and authority, she finds herself doubting everything and everyone. 


And then, to make matters worse, she begins to hear someone… or something. Through her neural connection to the network, a voice provides unsolicited information and advice. As her life becomes more complicated and dangerous, she is forced to confront not only the issue of trust, but also a more fundamental question—what does it mean to say that something is alive? As those in power begin to betray her, this disembodied spirit may be the only person… or thing… that she can trust.

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