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Lost and Found
KINDLE Lost and Found.jpg
Mary Hamilton

Lost and Found is the first of a trilogy—Once Upon a Moonbeam.

Riding moonbeams was exhilarating, until the unthinkable happened.

Three young Azyreans find themselves lost—deposited in far away lands among different races. Marzi, the older sister, arrives in the land of the dark elves, while her brother, Tovi ends up in the desert land of the ogres. Jarek, the beam keeper, finds himself trapped in the land of the humans. 

Their initial hopes of returning home are dashed as they discover that the inhabitants of these lands know nothing of Pangrove, the Azyrean homeland. Instead, each learns that they have landed in the midst of conflict, with the shadows of war creeping across the land. And whether they like it or not, they will become central characters in trying to prevent the coming calamity.

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