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Journey Home
KINDLE Journey Home 19 August 2019.jpg
Steven Hamilton

Detective Carol Tullis lost it all.


A serial killer took her daughter. Fueled by grief and guilt, she hurtled into an abyss filled with alcohol and demons. She watched her life—marriage, career, and relationships— disintegrate. 


It took ten years, but Carol clawed her way out of that personal hell, or so she thought. Once again sober, she returned to the Seattle Police Department as a homicide detective. But nothing ever works as expected. Burned bridges do not rebuild themselves. Missed years are not refunded. Relationships are not automatically restored. Some are beyond repair. And at forty-two, the years were catching up with her, both physically and emotionally.


A new serial killer strikes. Carol is forced to relive the anguish and pain as she and the other detectives work feverishly to catch the monster before he strikes again. The case, though, takes her full circle. In all its darkness and depravity, it offers a chance of redemption. The only things standing in her way are the killer, co-workers, family relationships, and, of course, herself.

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