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From Where I Stood
Steven Hamilton
KINDLE From Where I Stood.jpg

Etienne Leclerc is a man with a past. He thought he had left old his name, story, and life behind. Solving unsolvable problems for one of the world’s most reclusive and powerful men, he survives by remaining out of sight. 


Two bombings rock Paris, the City of Lights, and hundreds are dead. Forces around the globe align to respond with all the power they can muster. And yet the truth about the acts remains cloaked in mystery and contradiction. Into this morass of death and intrigue, Etienne and his team of specialists are pulled. Their mission—to find the “who” and the “why” about this series of events before the world descends into all-out war.


To make matters worse, demons from his past return to haunt him, becoming inextricably entwined in the tragedy. What he thought would be a simple investigation, turns into a race against time with his life and the lives of his team, not to mention the future of the world, hanging in the balance.

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