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Beneath a Desert Moon
Mary Hamilton

Beneath a Desert Moon is the final installment in the trilogy—Once Upon a Moonbeam.

Events have been set in motion. The elven army and most of the human rebel band have gathered in the homeland of the ogres—the Crystal Sands. The minions of the rogue god, Dredwyn, flow through a portal into these lands bent on seizing control, subjugating the ogres, and plundering the crystal mines. If they are successful, they will have the resources to spread their terror at will throughout the universe. 

While Marzi and the bulk of the forces face off against this rising tide, young Tovi is sent back to the human realm to break the hold that the demon holds over the citizens there. He joins forces with a group of old believers and what remains of the uncorrupted humans as he hurtles toward the inevitable showdown.  As the final conflict approaches, though, Marzi is faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge, one that will put her at odds with her closest friends and allies in this strange land.

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